Enter “Projects” section. Select “REQUEST WORKERS”. 

Choose the desired project, or create a new project. 

Select the type of worker needed from the list of options. 

Choose the desired experience level, of the workers, from the listed options, and click “Next”. 

Select the number of workers needed with the “+” icon, and click “Next”. 

Briefly describe the tasks that workers will be doing, and select “Next”. 

Choose the project start date by clicking “SELECT START DATE”. 

Use pop-up menu to choose date. 

Choose project end date by clicking “SELECT END DATE”. 

Use pop-up menu to choose date, and click “Next”. You may select “LONG-TERM” if the project will last longer than six months. 

Use the “Weekdays (Mon-Fri)” and/or “Saturday” and “Sunday” toggles to show which days of the week workers are needed on-site, select specific days below, and click “Next”. 

Choose project start time by clicking “SELECT START TIME”. 

Use pop-up menu to choose time. 

Choose project end time by clicking “SELECT END TIME”. 

Use pop-up menu to choose time, and select “Next”. 

Select, from listed options, of necessary tools for workers to bring on-site, and click “Next”. 

Review project details, and select “Send” to generate request. 

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