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How should I decide who goes in my circles?
How should I decide who goes in my circles?
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Think of all the people in your life — family, friends, neighbors, gym buddies, coworkers, your therapist (your shaman?) — anyone you interact with or want to interact with, often. These are the people you make up your social fabric. 

Fabriq helps you focus on up to 150 relationships. So, identifying the ones that matter to you is the first thing you’ll do in the app. These are the people you spend your life with, so take a few minutes to reflect on which relationships you care about most and want to intentionally invest in. Then, you’ll prioritize them into circles of closeness.

Based on the work of social scientist Robin Dunbar, we recommend you fill your Fabriq circles like this:

Inner Circle: These are roughly 5 people in your life with whom you share an intimate connection and lifelong closeness. Keeping them close means staying in touch with them regularly and ensuring your connections are high-caliber. You'll likely keep an eye on that quality-over-time tracker to make sure things stay strong. 

Middle Circle: Your middle circle’s likely a combination of family, mentors, and besties — somewhere around 10 people who you trust, are totally real with, and share life experiences with, but whose little life details slip your mind when they’re out of sight. Keep notes and reminders on these folks, so you can show up when it matters most. 

Outer Circle: The crust of your social pie comprises about 35 people who share your interests and whom you'd like to stay in touch with regularly. Fabriq reminds you to reconnect, so the allure of Netflix doesn’t put distance between you.

Extended Circle: Around 100 people who make up your greater personal community whom you'd like to keep on your radar. Fabriq will remind you to touch base once in a while and keep important details a few taps away.

When it comes to your circles in Fabriq, people can shift around any time you’d like. You can remove people or add new people as your life (or theirs) changes. It’s your social life. Keep it real.

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