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What if I don't want notifications for a specific person?
What if I don't want notifications for a specific person?
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Are you in a rush and need to track a connection quickly? Or, do you have a little bit of time to reflect on your connection? Either way, we’ve got a way for you to track a connection that works for you.

There are two ways to track a connection with someone from their Relationship Profile, here’s the difference:

  • Tap – Simply tap the thumbs up button to track a connection with connection details. Once you tap, you’ll see your Connection Details drawer open so you can track with details and accuracy.

  • Press & Hold – By Pressing and holding the thumbs-up, you will track a connection with your person and close their profile, so you can track quickly.

Want to track connections quickly for multiple people at once? You can do this from the list view of all your people. Here’s how to do that:

  • Tap the list icon at the top of your circle's screen.

  • Tap the thumbs up next to each person in your Fabriq with whom you’d like to track a recent connection.

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