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Is the information about the people in my circles secure?
Is the information about the people in my circles secure?
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Fabriq provides a variety of services to streamline how you connect with the people you care about most. All of the information that you put into your Fabriq account is completely private and only for your personal use to strengthen your existing relationships. Because Fabriq is not a social network, you do not have a public profile and nobody has access to any hidden backdoors with which they could expose you and your bestie’s shared love of honey lavender lattes. Your secrets are safe with us.

To make inputting information into the app easier for you, we may ask to access your device’s contacts, photos, connected services, communication metadata, and/or appointment data. If you allow Fabriq access to any of these, we promise that it will not be shared with or sold to anyone or any other company, and we will not send notifications or communications to anyone in your contacts unless you tell us to. 

If you’d like more details we encourage you to dig deeper into Fabriq’s privacy policy.

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