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Can Fabriq auto-log connections for me by syncing with my phone and text message logs?
Can Fabriq auto-log connections for me by syncing with my phone and text message logs?
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We get how this would make things so much easier. And, while many of you have requested a similar feature, Fabriq currently does not offer it as part of our core functionality for iOS users - if you’re an Android user click here.

The reason why is two-fold:

We can’t always assume that you’ve made a connection. For some, simply sending a text or leaving a voicemail is enough to feel more connected to someone, and for others, this just isn’t quite the connection they’re looking for.

Only you know when you’ve had a genuine connection, no amount of automation can detect that for you. When you track a connection (and it’s quality), it’s also an opportunity to reflect on the time you invested with someone — your relationships will thank you for it.

Your privacy is paramount. iOS devices limit access by third-party apps (like Fabriq) to call or text message logs in order to preserve your privacy and make it impossible to sell that information to advertisers (phew!).

So, to be able to track your phone data in this way, Fabriq would need complete access to your mobile service provider records (which includes billing, payment, and other details). This kind of access is not explicitly permitted by most mobile carriers and is, therefore, a potential risk for violating future privacy regulations. Until mobile carriers provide alternative access points to your call and message history, we have intentionally decided not to build any features that are dependent on this information.

In other words, we value your privacy and never want to put you or your data at risk now or in the future.

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