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What if I don’t know my friend's goals?
What if I don’t know my friend's goals?
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When you support your friends and family in reaching their goals, not only will they appreciate it, you’ll be actively building a “you can count on me” relationship.

If you can’t think of any goals that your people are working on, we'll help you connect with them privately and ask them to share a few with you. Here’s how to do that:

  • Tap a person from your circles

  • Tap on the green notes/reminder button

  • Select “Goal” from the category list

  • Tap the “I don’t know of any” link below the button

  • Edit the message you’d like to send

  • Tap “Copy Message & Link”

  • Share it!

The link that is shared with your message will allow them to jot down some goals and share them with you. Once they've sent those goals, we’ll automatically add them to your notes and send you a notification! You’ll receive periodic reminders to check-in about those goals, or you can set a custom reminder by editing the note and tapping the bell icon.

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