How Can I Refer a Friend
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We’re so glad you asked! Thanks for wanting to tell your friends about Fabriq.

To refer a friend, we suggest following these steps:

  • Open the Fabriq App

  • Go to your settings (gear icon, bottom right of your app)

  • Tap “Gift Fabriq” (at the top in green)

  • From the Customize Your Gift Message screen, you can edit the message you’d like to send with your unique gifting link

  • Tap the chat bubble (SMS), email, or share icons to copy the message and the link to the app of your choice

  • Tap the link icon to copy just your unique gifting link to your phone’s clipboard

Keep in mind, in order to earn free months of All Access, your friends and family must use the unique link found in your settings. Otherwise, we won’t know if they were referred by you or found us another way. Once your friend signs up through your direct account link, you’ll be gifted with three months of All Access! Pretty cool, right?

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