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I don't know what to share!
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If you’re having a difficult time determining what to share, you’re not alone! We’ve found that having a prompt can help us find moments of reflection. Additionally, Threads will send you push notifications with prompts to help you uncover those shareable moments!

Things to consider when sharing a Moment:

  1. Take a moment to consider how you’re feeling today and what’s contributing to those feelings?
    Reflect on past, present, or future experiences.

  2. What type of response would support you today?
    Advice, acknowledgment, encouragement, or just need someone to listen?

  3. Based on the above questions, which category best describes what’s real for you today?

Example of Moments by Category:

#highLight: something that brought you joy

Example: “I decided to take my lunch break in the park today and it was amazing. My brain def needed that break to unplug!”

#lowLight: a tough experience you’re having

Example: “We put in another offer on a house today and didn’t get it. Feeling stressed and like we’re back to ground zero.”

#busyBee: something you’re working on

Example: “YAS! Finally organizing my closets and decluttering my life. Next stop, donating all my stuff to the thrift store!”

#realLife: a general life update

Example: “My go-to coffee shop was randomly closed today, but ended up going to a new place down the street and ran into a friend I haven’t seen in awhile!”

#fail: something that went wrong

Example: “I forgot to water my plants before I left for vacation. Came home to find them all dried up and looking sad.”

#gratitude: something you’re grateful for

Example: “Amazing dinner with the family tonight. Feeling the love!”

#theStruggle: something you’re struggling with

Example: “Super busy work week next week and feeling overwhelmed.”

#levelUp: something you accomplished

Example: “I decided to build my first garden to start growing all my own veggies. Can’t wait to harvest!”

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