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What do the hashtags mean?
What do the hashtags mean?
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This article refers to hashtags on Moments.

Categories (hashtags) were designed to normalize sharing both the highs and lows of daily life. They define what kind of content is meant to be shared on Threads, provides a moment of self-awareness, and eliminates the ability to share promotional content from external sources.

#highLight: something that brought you joy

Consider: The best parts of your day or week. Anything that produced feelings of positivity.

#lowLight: a tough experience you’re having

Consider: A tough conversation, disappointment, loss, or something that is causing anxiety and worry.

#busyBee: something you’re working on

Consider: Personal or professional progress you’re making.

#realLife: a general life update

Consider: A day in the life, a pause to look around at the little things that you are doing or experiencing.

#fail: something that went wrong

Consider: A learning experience that provides you with an opportunity for growth.

#gratitude: something you’re grateful for

Consider: Random acts of kindness or experiences that facilitated transformational personal growth.

#theStruggle: something you’re struggling with

Consider: A decision you’re trying to make or a problem you’re trying to solve.

#levelUp: something you accomplished

Consider: A milestone, an accomplishment, or a goal achieved.

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