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How is Threads different from other messengers?
How is Threads different from other messengers?
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Threads is a messenger that goes beyond the simplicity of “staying in touch” – it’s designed to help you get intentional about your relationships and stay involved in the lives of the people you really care about.

Thread Starters

  • Thread Starters are prompts and mini connection games dropped right into your chats with the option to answer with a video, gif, or text.

One-to-Many Sharing

  • Threads provides the convenience of sharing real-life updates directly into your private conversations, delivered separately, to multiple people at once.

Share with People Not On the App

  • Share updates about your life with people who don’t have the Threads app. Threads sends an sms text message from our shortcode (5-digit number) with a private web link to anyone, anytime.

Only the People You Know & Trust

  • Only see messages from the people you’ve chosen to connect with.

  • We will never share or sell your data to data brokers.

  • We do not access your contacts to suggest people for you to connect with, your name and photo are only visible to those you choose to connect with.

And… Threads is a free app!

More Messaging Features to love

Coming soon…

  • Share how you're feeling

  • Request updates from your people

  • Nudges to reconnect

  • Nudges on how to support your people

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