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What are the different Thread Starters?
What are the different Thread Starters?
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Here are the Types of Thread Starters:

  • Brainfood: Read a short article and discuss a related prompt. Learn something new about yourself and each other!

  • Hot Take: Respond to fun-but-controversial statements that help the group learn about each other.

  • Offsite: Answer questions and learn about strengths, weaknesses and how to support each other.

  • The Mirror: Answer prompts that encourage self-reflection while sharing.

  • Check In!: Share life updates as short video responses to fun and entertaining prompts.

  • Moment Snap!: Share life updates as photo or video moments along with how you're doing.

  • That Moment When: Answer prompts by submitting the most accurate or amusing GIF!

  • WWYD: Consider tough situations and share how you'd respond.

  • The Onion: Peel back the layers with increasingly more revealing and personal questions.

We plan to roll out more Thread Starters in the future so stay tuned. If you have a great idea for a Thread Starter send us an email at

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