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What is the difference between "Sell Now" and "List"?
What is the difference between "Sell Now" and "List"?
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FairArt is a marketplace where Sellers can make anonymous offers for a wide variety of artworks, books, collectibles and merchandise based both on the item's current valuation on the site, and also how much you're willing to sell it for. FairArt’s anonymous nature aims to make selling a hassle-free experience: Sellers see the highest available bid price (as well as all other active bids currently available for a specific item).

Since both Buyers and Sellers can set their respective offers, a sale on FairArt doesn’t begin until a Seller and a Buyer agree on a price through a Buyer's Bid matching a Seller's list price (or vice versa).

As a Seller, you have two ways to match with a Buyer on FairArt - you can either: “Sell Now” or “List” your item.

Sell now: If an item has at least 1 active bid, you can decide to sell it immediately by selecting ‘Sell Now’. The price you will be selling at is the ‘Highest Bid’.

List: If there are no active bids, or you decide the ‘Highest bid’ price is too low, you can instead submit a list at a price of your choice (if you have the ‘Lowest List’, a buyer who places a bid that matches your list will automatically buy it from you).

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