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Can I sell framed artworks?
Can I sell framed artworks?
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If you have a framed artwork you would like to sell on FairArt, please get in touch with before listing.

In your email, let us know the piece you are looking to sell and include images of the framed work.

How do I unframe my artwork?

We have one of the best unframing guides around:

The thought of unframing may seem daunting at first, but in practice it’s actually a breeze.

We’ve come up with a simple 7 step plan to get it done in less than 5 min. Before you ask, yes, the frame can be reused.

  1. Find a clean surface and lie your framed work face down 🧼

  2. If there is a wire / string attached to the back remove it by using scissors or a screwdriver (you may need wire cutters) 🧵

  3. The back may also be sealed with paper (usually brown). Use a utility knife or scissors to peel / cut the paper right off 📜

  4. Now comes the fussy part 😰

    1. Identify the retaining devices (framer’s points or fasceners), these come in the form of locks, pincers, staples, nails, brads or diamond shape wedges and hold the work fairly tightly to the frame.

    2. You can remove these by pulling them straight out, bending them back with pliers, unscrewing them or prying them out.

  5. Time to flip 🍳

    1. Grasp the edges of two opposing corners, ensuring the art sandwich 🥪 (frame, backing board and artwork) are held firmly together.

      1. Or, you can use a piece of cardboard (slightly larger than the frame) as backing for the flip

    2. Now flip the the framed work on its front making sure everything is held together

  6. All that’s left to do is carefully remove the outer frame and glass (be careful not to cut yourself) ⛑

  7. Voila! You now have an unframed work ready to be sold on FairArt 💃🕺

If you’re struggling at any point during this process, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’d be happy to talk you through it.

PS: We are working on an innovative solution for those still hesitant to remove works from their frames so watch this space 👀

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