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What is a wholesale funnel and how does it work?
What is a wholesale funnel and how does it work?
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Doing Wholesale on a digital trade fair such as FAIRLING works as a classical Marketing/Sales Funnel:

By posting advertisements, you let shop owners get to know your products so that they order from you. Therefore, it is really important that you build up their interest step by step throughout your membership. This is how doing wholesale on FAIRLING usually works:

As you can see, there are several phases that shop owners go through. The more active you are - and the further you get in your wholesale funnel - the higher is the likelihood of getting many store interactions. It is therefore really important that you keep going with your activities - even, if the results are not as expected in the beginning. In the following paragraphs, you can find some tips on how to use the wholesale funnel to your own advantage:

1. Awareness

In this phase, shop owners see your products for the first time on the platform. They start get to know your brand and develop an interest. Therefore, it is often beneficial to start with advertisements that focus on presenting the USP (Unique Selling Point) of your brand. Keep in mind that the first advertisement is already important because it helps shop owners to get attached to your products. However, it might not be your most successful one - because it is just the first touchpoint that you will have with the stores.

2. Interest/Consideration

In this phase, shops already got emotionally attached to your brand and start to think about ordering from you. Therefore, it is more important than ever to show them that your products will bring many benefits to their stores. Besides stating your USP you should also bring all the arguments to the table that might convince a person to buy your items. Those may e.g. include:

  • Quality Guarantees

  • Discounts

  • Good Reputation ( + naming the reason why your customers are satisfied)

  • A mutual mission

  • Free product samples

Make sure that in this stage shop owners fall in love with your products - because only if they fall in love with what you do, they will get in touch!

3. Purchase

In the last phase, shop owners get in touch with you to buy your items. Now, it is elementary to do the following two things: a) make sure that they actually order from you and b) keep going with your activities so that even more shop owners arrive at that stage.

The Wholesale Funnel can once again be viewed as a funnel to symbolize its goal:

As you can see, getting orders from the right stores will take some time and effort. But in the end - after you have managed to convince the most fitting stores - it will be worth it!

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