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Can I copy my advertisements and repost them?
Can I copy my advertisements and repost them?
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On FAIRLING you can repost your ads after they have expired. This means you can copy your ad and either post it again as it is or use it as the basis for your new ad, saving you a lot of time. This also comes in handy if you would like to reuse your targeting settings. Repost your best-performing ads or create a new ad quickly by changing only minor details like images or wording.

This is how it works:

  1. Log in to your FAIRLING account

  2. Go to "My Profile" and scroll down to an advertisement that you would like to repost. NOTE: This is only available for expired ads.

  3. If the ad is available for reposting, an orange icon is displayed at the top right of your ad.

4. Clicking on the orange button brings you to the ad creation process you are familiar with. The great thing is: everything is already filled out for you, including images and targeting settings.

5. Make changes as desired (images, wording, targeting settings etc).

6. Either save your ad as a draft or move through the steps of ad creation and on to posting your ad.

That's it, you're all set for reposting your ad.

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