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How do I upload a video on my profile?
How do I upload a video on my profile?
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In addition to uploading images of your brand and products, you can also upload a video to your FAIRLING profile to showcase your unique products to potential new resellers.

Please note: we only support the upload of Vimeo videos (i.e. your video must have been uploaded to the Vimeo platform first). We have decided to use Vimeo (in contrast to other video platforms) as it is widely used in business contexts and allows for a seamless user experience on our web platform and in our apps.

This is how you can upload a video to your profile:

  1. Log in to your FAIRLING profile

  2. Go to "My Profile"

  3. On the left-hand side you will find the section "Video" (right between "Stockists" and "Product Catalogue")

4. Click on the blue pen icon ("edit")

5. In the popup window, enter the URL to your Vimeo video and click "Okay"

6. That's it. Your video has been uploaded to your profile.

Your video can be watched only by yourself and potential new resellers. Other brands will not see your uploaded video.

If you would like to remove your video, go through steps 1. to 4. again and simply remove the URL on the popup window, then click "Okay". The video has been removed and will no longer be shown on your profile.

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