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Welcome to FAIRLING! The Onboarding Funnel in detail
Welcome to FAIRLING! The Onboarding Funnel in detail
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After you have booked your FAIRLING membership, there are a few things you have to prepare before diving right into our wholesale network of over 3000+ international retailers. With that you are making sure to have a seamless start with us!

The Most Important Steps

1. Booking of your membership

If you have decided to join our wholesale network, then the first step will of course be to book the chosen membership that fits you. You can find all of our membership options here.

You are still unsure which membership fits you the best? With the help of our Brand Experts you can talk in great detail about the benefits of each of our membership and get all of your questions answered. Simply schedule a free demo call here.

2. Receive your personal credentials & login

Once you have successfully booked the ideal membership for you and the payment went through, you will receive your own personal credentials from us sent to the mail you have used to book your membership.

With these credentials you can log into your new brand account and start filling out your profile. Not sure where to login? Try this link!

3. Fill out your profile and prepare your first advertisement draft

Once you have successfully logged into your new account, it is time to fill out all the information that is needed on your profile. That includes up to 15 product pictures, an appealing and informative text about your brand, a product catalogue and more. If you want to learn more about how to set up a very appealing brand profile, check out our tips for that here!

Important: Your profile is not active as long as it has not been submitted by you yet. That means that no one on our network will see your profile or will be able to click on it.

After you have set up your profile, it is recommended that you also prepare your first advertisement draft before submitting your profile. With that you make sure, that your personal Wholesale Expert in your Onboarding Call can give you as much marketing and strategy feedback as possible - on both your profile and advertisements. If you need some more tips on how to design the ideal advertisement, you can read more about that here.

4. Submit your profile and schedule your Onboarding Call

Once you have everything set up and are ready to go, you can simply click on "Submit Profile" so our Wholesale Experts can check your profile and activate it - only then it will be online and can be seen by the retailers in our network.

If you aren't sure how to book your Onboarding Call with your personal Wholesale Expert, you can simply follow this link and schedule a call that fits your calendar. In the Onboarding Call you will receive valuable feedback on your profile and advertisements and helpful marketing and strategy input for adequately presenting your products to the ideal target group of retailers.

5. Ready for take-off

If you have finished all of the important points above, then you are ready for diving into a hopefully fruitful time with your FAIRLING membership! If you, at any point, have any questions or need help with anything else, you can always contact your personal Wholesale Expert or our support team via

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