Hearing about what your child is achieving whilst at nursery, and how, is very important to the majority of parents. However, not all learning happens in the nursery so it is important that people with the 'Parent' role in Famly can report how their child(ren) are learning at home. 

To create an observation of a child, you will need to go into their profile and click on 'Journey' and then 'New Observation' below.

A text box will appear and you will be able to add text, photos and videos. See the below screenshot for an example. Use the 'Upload' button to add photos and videos. 

When you are finished making the post, you will send it for review. Rather than going straight onto the feed, nursery staff with the permission to do so, will review this post before sending. 

If you get interrupted, the draft will save and you will find it by clicking the (left) icon top right hand corner. 

Nursery staff will see the observation in the Child Development app and they can add EYO links, add Next Steps, request changes, take ownership or approve and send. When the nursery requests changes, you, as parent, will receive a notification.

Enjoy observing!

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