What are Fanmiles?

This is our loyalty currency. You collect Fanmiles and use them to redeem various rewards from your favorite brands. 

You can identify Fanmiles with the following icon:

How can I recognize an opportunity to collect Fanmiles?

In order to collect Fanmiles, look for the green number (as seen in the image below). This number tells you how many Fanmiles you can collect with that particular transaction. Click the green "collect" button in order to collect your Fanmiles.

How can I collect Fanmiles?

There are many different ways to collect Fanmiles. Here are all of the ways to do so:

  • Fanmiles ID: Show your Fanmiles ID or type in the number in a field provided to collect fanmiles from participating partners.
  • Shopping: You can collect Fanmiles at many different online shops. Place your order on the website or app and your Fanmiles will automatically be credited to your account.
  • Enter Codes: You can find Fanmiles codes in newsletters and on cards from various partners. They consist of numbers and letters that you can enter with your Fanmiles Wallet.
  • Scanning Codes: You can scan QR codes or barcodes with your Fanmiles Wallet, in order to collect Fanmiles.
  • Check In: You can check in from anywhere in the world, at a variety of venues and locations, from your Fanmiles Wallet.
  • Game Predictions: Collect Fanmiles by predicting game outcomes. You can find these offers through sports and gaming partners. An overview of all our active predictors can be found here.
  • Links: You can collect Fanmiles by clicking on newsletter links or partner website urls.
  • Instant: Collect Fanmiles instantly by watching a trailer or tuning into a live stream, for example.
  • Daily Earns: Collect Fanmiles daily. Check out Daily Earns here.
  • Read an article or watch a video: Read an article on eslgaming.com and click the black Fanmiles button at the end of the article to collect instantly.

I have ideas for new ways to collect Fanmiles.

We're constantly working on developing and updating features for our app. If you have any innovative ideas for how to collect Fanmiles, feel free to contact us via facebook, support chat or email. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Do Fanmiles expire?

They will not expire and therefore you can use them when and how you’d like. 

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