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How does Farmable's pricing work?
How does Farmable's pricing work?

Annual subscription model for additional functionalities (add-on modules)

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The Farmable mobile app and the Web Portal will always be free to use.

On top of our free core functionalities, we are expanding our platform with additional features, so-called add-on modules. Each module provides you with extra and smart functionalities to support your day-to-day operations.

The modular structure gives you the possibility to only subscribe to additional features that you really need on your farm. You can subscribe to the add-on modules from the Farmable Store in our Web Portal.

IMPORTANT: Subscriptions for the add-on modules are per farm and are invoiced on an annual basis.

There are no secret limits nor hidden costs per user, limitations per hectares, data storage, or team members. Learn about our pricing philosophy on our pricing page.

Our current add-on modules include:

In the future, we will provide other data-driven integrations (e.g. weather stations, sensors, disease prognosis) in this store as well.

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