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How to record calves born on the holding including twins

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New calves born on the holding are added to the FarmWizard Herd Register by recording a Birth (Calving) event for the dam.  This requires the Breed Cycle Manager, which provides functions to manage the cow breeding calendar.

To record a birth, the dam must have first been added to the Breed Cycle Manager.  This can be done from Dairy Manager > Breed Cycle Manager > Add Cows

Recording a Birth event on FarmWizard causes the following to be updated in your herd records:

  • The cow is moved to the “Pre-Heat” breed status and the calving date is added to her breeding history

  • The calf is added to your herd list and optionally registered withthe Government database (APHIS or BCMS)

  • The FarmWizard Herd Register (movement book) records the calf birth event

Adding a single live birth

Go to Herd Manager > Enter Data > Add Birth

Enter the required management number or a comma-separated list of numbers. 

e.g. 100,115,225
Alternatively, you can select the required numbers from the List box.  To select multiple animals from the list, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking on each required tag.  You can optionally narrow down the animal list by selecting a Group name or a year of birth from the drop-down boxes.

Click the Record Birth button to go to the next screen.

Each cow that you have selected will have it's own set of data entry controls. 

Calf ID:
Select the required tag the list of available tags. You can add to you list of available tags from the Herd Manager > Add Tags page
Calf FB:
Entering a calf freeze brand number is optional
For the registration to be successfully sent through FarmWizard, the date of birth of the tagged calf must within the 27 day deadline
Calf Sex:
Select as required. Any calves selected as "Bull" will be registered as "Male"
This is required for APHIS registration, but optional for BCMS
The breed showing by default is the breed of the dam.  Amend as required, taking account of the sire's breed.
The calf can optionally be added to a management Group.

Checking the Sire identity
If the cow has had a positive pregnancy Scan recorded to an AI Sire:
The sire name will be set in the AI Sire drop down list and the Paternity Type will be set as "Straw".  Important: if you want the sire ID to be sent with the birth registration, ensure that the National ID has been set.  You can check this via the List Semen Stock screen. 

Where cow has a positive Scan recorded to an in-herd bull, the correct name or ear tag number will show in the In Herd Sire drop down list. In this case, the Paterinity Type will be set to "Natural".

If you need to make changes to the Sire, ensure that:
The Paternity Type is set to "Straw" if you are selecting the sire from the AI Sire list
The Paternity Type is set to "Natural" if you are selecting the sire from the In Herd Sire list

Birth registration on the government database

Once the birth has been saved, the registration request will be placed on the FarmWizard pending registrations list, which is accessed from Herd Manager > BCMS Interface > Registrations

If you do not want FarmWizard to register the birth with APHIS or BCMS, remove the tick from the "Register..." check box.

FarmWizard will then prompt you to confirm that the birth will not be registered.

Recording a twin or multiple birth

Go to the Herd Manager > List Herd screen and search for and select the required dam.
To the right of the screen, click the Birth button

After completing the detail of the first calf, tick the check box to record more births for the cow.
When you click Save Birth Event, a second data entry form will display so that you can enter the details of the second calf.

After entering the second calf detail, click Save Multiple Birth Event.

Recording Calvings using the App

Before you begin a data entry session, synchronise the App data to ensure you have the latest set of herd records.

Go to Breeding > Calving from the App Home screen

Search and select the required Dam and then work down the data entry form completing the relevant data boxes.  The "Calf Visible Number" drop-down list should contain your available APHIS/BCMS ear tag numbers.

The option to register the birth with the relevant government database is ticked by default.

Tap on "Save Birth" to record the birth on your mobile device.  At the end of the data entry session, Synchronise the App data to transfer the events to your FarmWizard cloud account.

After synchronisation, it is your responsibility to login to the main FarmWizard website and check that the birth registrations have been submitted.  

FarmWizard automatically sends through registrations at 10:00 each morning. Alternatively, you can submit them immediately by going to Herd Manager > Registrations and clicking "Register Outstanding Births Now".

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