Recording an off-farm calving

How to start the breed calendar for a purchased in-milk or dry cow

Written by Will Rands
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If you've purchased in-milk or dry cows into your herd, you may have received list of breeding events, which you'd like to to enter into FarmWizard.  If this information is not readily available, you should be able to see a list of historic calving dates from APHIS Online or CTS Online, once the animal has been transferred into your herd

On CTS Online, you can use the "View animal details and history" to view any previous calving dates:

First ensure that the purchased cows have been imported to your FarmWizard herd and added to the Breed Cycle Manager.  

To enter one or more historic births go to Herd Manager > List Herd and search/select the required animal

To the right of the screen, click Historic Birth
On the entry form, select the historic calving date and add a note if required.

If the calving date is the most recent one, leave the check box ticked.

Click Save Past Birth

The calving date will now show on the cow's breeding history.  If the animal is currently dried off, you can add a dry off date along with any known service or scan events.

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