Adding AI Sires

How to add AI Sires (semen stocks) for recording service events

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AI Sires are recorded as semen stocks on the system. When you enter a new AI Sire, you can optionally record a purchase of straws with the associated cost. 

Adding a single AI Sire via manual entry

  1. Go to Dairy Manager > Semen Stock > Add Semen Stock

  2. Enter the sire's Name (and Serial No. if known)

  3. Enter the Herd Book Number (this is required - if not known you can enter a temporary placeholder number)

  4. IMPORTANT: if you want the AI Sire identifier to go through on passport registrations, you must enter the full "UK" ear tag number in the National ID box

  5. Select the breed from the official Breed list.  If you are using a breed like Kiwi, it is recommended that you select Breed code 27 (Minor Breeds and other cattle)

  6. The remaining details for the semen stock are optional

  7. The AI Code is usually two letters following by four numbers e.g. HO3743

Note on Herd Book Numbers: some paper records may prefix the herd book number with the two-digit breed code e.g. “01” for Holstein Friesian – in this case, enter the herd book number without the breed code. 

Downloading HUK Sires

You can also add AI Sires by downloading a pick list from HUK

Go to Dairy Manager > Download Sires

  1. Click on Download bulls from HUK

  2. After a few seconds a pick list of sires will be downloaded. Tick the required sire names and optionally enter a number of purchased straws in the Quantity column

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the grid and click Add to Sire List to save the new sires on to your herd semen stock list

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