Adding In-Herd sires

If you use live breeding bulls in the herd, this article will show you how to add them

Written by Will Rands
Updated over a week ago

When your FarmWizard data is first created, animals on the holding are downloaded from the Government database (BCMS/APHIS). If this list includes one or more breeding bulls, and you want to record natural service events separately to AI services, you will need to amend their core details as follows:

  1. Go to Herd Manager > List Herd and search for the bull record by using the Ear Tag search box and clicking Search

  2. When the bull ear tag displays, click on the official ear tag number

  3. On the right of the screen, click Update Animal Details

  4. Set the Sex to “Bull” and enter an Animal Name

  5. Enter a reason for the update e.g. “setting bull type” and click "Update Animal Details"

To add a new breeding bull which moves on to your holding at a later date, you can use the Herd Manager > Add Animal screen to add the animal to your herd list.

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