Recording Notes

Notes can be added for individual animals on the FarmWizard website and App. A report can be generated to show the recorded notes.

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Recording a note on the main website

  1. Go to Herd Manager > List Herd

  2. Search/select the required animal

  3. To the right of the screen, scroll down and enter the required note text

  4. Click 

Recording a note on the App

  1. Go to Manage Herd > Add Note

  2. Enter the note text and amend the date (if a historical date is required)

  3. Build a list of one or more animals that you want to record with the entered note text

  4. Tap the blue "Add Note" button to save the data

  5. At the end of the data entry session, tap Synchronise from the slide menu to transfer the notes to your FarmWizard cloud account 

Generating a Notes report

To generate a report showing all notes between two dates or a filtered report based on specific selection criteria, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Reports > Fertility Reports > Event Reports

  2. Select the required Start and and End Dates

  3. Scroll down and define any required filters - this could be some specific note text, a Group or an individual animal

  4. Click Note Report to generate the report to screen.

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