Fertility Rule reports

Creating fertility rules provide a powerful and flexible way to produce cows lists for breeding managment

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The Fertility Rule Reports offer the most powerful herd analysis tools in the FarmWizard report suite.  You can combine a wide range of herd fertility data with milk production and veterinary data to produce reports that will help you make more informed management decisions.

The Rule Reports are also used as the component reports for building the Vet Visit Report

The general criteria for animals to show on the report are:

  • must be on the Breed Cycle Manager

  • must not be marked for culling

When you want to generate a report that includes health issues, mastitis cases are defined by a case treatment time of 7 days.  Recorded mastitis cases can be viewed by clicking on the View Mastitis Events button from the Reports > Statistics > Year Round menu.  The Cell Count Threshold figure should be specified as hundreds e.g. 500.

As well as running specific analyses, Action Lists for your team can be generated as an alternative method to the Quick Reports.  

The Quick Report action lists use the scheduled future event dates that are calculated and stored for each animal by the FarmWizard system, whereas the Fertility Rule Report calculates from the last entered breeding event using the specified "number of days" parameter.

To produce a Fertility Report, follow these steps:

  1. Select the columns to be included on the report.  A default column selection is applied, which can be modified using the tick boxes when the Show Columns to Select button is clicked

  2. Click Show Columns to Select and tick the required boxes for the report columns (there are a number selected by default so this is optional)

  3. Define the criteria for selecting animal data by using the drop down boxes and entering values into the text boxes

  4. Click Create Rule Based Decision Report to generate the report on screen

  5. The report “definition” can be saved for subsequent re-use.  To save the report, enter a meaningful name into the text box at the top of the screen and click Save Report As (shown below).  

Saved reports can be run from the Reports > Quick Reports screen and the Easy Reports > My Favourites screen

Tips for creating "action list" reports

Some of the selection criteria use boolean operators, for example, “more than”, “less than”, “equal to”, “between”:

When you are using “between”, you must enter a number into both text boxes:

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