Breeding event reports

How to generate lists of historical cow events

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The event reports screen enables you to view and download cow events of the following types:

  • breeding events

  • locomotion/mobility scores

  • condition scores

  • TB test results

  • Johnes status

  • General notes (with filter options)

  1. Click Event Report from the Reports > Fertility Reports main menu

  2. Select the required date range

  3. Tick the boxes to select the required event types

  4. Click List Breeding Events to generate the report on screen

One a report has been generated on screen, you can download it in PDF format for hard-copy printing or in "CSV" format for viewing in spreadsheet software like Excel.

Note: The event reports will also include breeding events which have been imported from an auto-parlour and milk recording "datastream" file as well as events entered manually.

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