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How do I set the "Color Swatch" variant selector?
How do I set the "Color Swatch" variant selector?

Instructions on how make a color swatch variant selector and add your favorite colors.

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You can set the color swatch variant selector in Fast Bundle. Here are some reasons why you may need it to overwrite and fix the current variant data.

  • Some options (like color) are not showing on Fast Bundle products (bundles as products and bundles) as they've been set on the Shopify panel.

  • They are showing just fine. But you want them to differ in Fast Bundle products.

  • The language of the shop is not English and the variant data should be shown differently from the Shopify panel data.

Please note that this solution only will affect how options are displayed on Fast Bundle's related elements including bundles and bundles as products. It won't affect other products.

You can reach this tool's setting through the Fast Bundle admin panel > Settings > Bundle settings > Variant selector type

When the variant selector type is set to "Color swatch", you can click on the "Add option".

For "Option name", You can write the name of the options you've set for your products in the Shopify panel. Like color, size, etc (Right now only color can be added)


Please write the names in the "Option name" and "Option values" fields, exactly like they are set on the product page in the Shopify panel. Otherwise, it won't work.

You can click on the colored square next to the "Option values" field to open the built-in color tool to assign a color as the value of the option.

When you are finished, click "Done" and then "Save" the changes.

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