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What are the "Notes" and "Additional details" and why do they appear on the orders?
What are the "Notes" and "Additional details" and why do they appear on the orders?

Understanding "Notes" and "Additional Details" in order.

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What are these fields?

The "Notes" and "Additional Details" fields are used to store important information about bundles and discounts applied to an order. These fields:

  • Ensure that discounts are applied correctly.

  • Provide necessary information for resolving any potential issues with orders.

Normal Behavior

It's normal for these fields to appear even when no bundle is selected or purchased. They are a standard part of the Fast Bundle integration and are necessary for its proper functioning.

Why Do These Fields Appear Empty?

You may see the "Notes" and "Additional Details" fields empty on some orders. This can happen even if no bundle was involved in the purchase. This is expected behavior when Fast Bundle is installed on your shop.

Cannot Be Hidden

These sections cannot be hidden, even if no bundle was clicked or bought. They are integral to the Fast Bundle system, ensuring everything works smoothly.

Post-Uninstallation Observations

Even after uninstalling Fast Bundle, you might still receive orders with empty "Notes" and "Additional Details" fields. This occurs because of cached data in the customer's browser.

How to Address This

This data will not appear in orders from customers who have cleared their browsing data and cache, or from new customers who don't have a history with your shop or bundles.

  • Clearing Browser Data: To prevent these fields from appearing in new orders, customers can:

    • Clear their browser cache, cookies, and history.

    • Use an incognito window.

    • Switch to a different browser that hasn't interacted with your shop while Fast Bundle was installed.


The "Notes" and "Additional Details" fields are key components of the Fast Bundle functionality, ensuring discounts are properly applied and aiding in issue resolution. Their appearance, whether populated or empty, is part of normal operation. If you encounter any problems or have further questions, please contact support for assistance.

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