What's a late return?

Borrowers are classed as late if they return an item after the agreed time or after 12pm on the last day of the rental period (whichever is later), through no fault of your own. 

What is a borrower liable to pay for a late return?

If a borrower is late, they should compensate you directly based on a mutually agreed amount. If the case comes to Fat Llama for mediation and there is sufficient evidence to prove they did return the item late, they're liable to pay for the extra days’ rental fee processed through Fat Llama.

Settling directly with a borrower

If a borrower returns your item late, they'll need to pay for the extra days’ rental fee. It's normally best to settle this directly with the borrower - it can save you both time and may prevent penalty fees for the borrower.

If a borrower fails to return your item, they'll need to process a rental request for the extra days. We recommend sending the borrower a link to your listing again and agreeing on the number of additional days.

Please note, direct settlements between borrower and lender must take place within 24 hours of the end of a rental period. If a borrower doesn't settle directly within that timeframe, they risk being liable for penalty fees.

The Resolutions process

Tell us within 24 hours

If you wish to pursue late fees but the borrower has not paid you directly, you'll need to notify the Fat Llama Customer Service team via Live Chat within 24 hours of the end of the rental period.

We'll assign you a dedicated member of the Resolutions Team who will reach out to you within 1 working day.

Self - resolve

We ask that borrowers and lenders always try to resolve in good faith between themselves as it is often cheaper and quicker for all parties involved. 

At this stage, your Resolutions Case Manager will check in on the progress and be available to answer any questions.

The Resolutions team will assess and mediate

Our Resolutions Team is here to mediate any issues you might have with a rental. We will always aim to be as fair as possible, to compensate our lenders for late returns and to protect borrowers from potential false claims. 

We'll ask you to provide a short written account of events and provide supporting evidence including photos/videos/screenshots of your communications with the borrower. Using accounts and evidence provided by both parties, the Resolutions Team will determine who is liable and for how much. The conclusion they make will be final. 

If the Resolutions Centre determines the borrower to be liable to pay for the late return fees, the borrower will first be given the opportunity to pay voluntarily within 24 hours and will only need to process another request charged at a single day rate.

Borrowers may be liable for penalty fees

If a borrower fails to pay the late fee within 24 hours, they'll be liable to pay for twice the agreed amount, as per our Terms of Service. 

Please note that whilst Fat Llama don't guarantee late return compensation for lenders, we do promise that our Security Team will pursue payment from the borrower on your behalf.

How can I avoid late returns?

To avoid future late returns, we recommend that you:

  • Agree in writing on a time in advance at a mutually convenient location
  • Send the borrower a reminder a few hours before to confirm the arrangement 
  • Formalise any extension to a rental period by processing it through the platform, in order to protect both lender and borrower

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