General requirements

  • Be respectful, clear and prompt in your communication with other users

  • Be respectful in your communications with Fat Llama staff 

  • Make sure that you meet agreed collection and return times


  • Supply the item as described on your listing page

  • Make sure you're meeting the Owner Guarantee criteria


  • If using an item you're unfamiliar with, carry out reasonable research beforehand to ensure you know how to use it safely

  • Check the basic condition of an item on collection. Take time-stamped photos/videos upon pick up and return, to clearly evidence its condition and take note of each and every item and accessory that the owner has given you 

  • Upon return, double check that you are returning each and every item and accessory in good condition

  • Look after the item as if it was your own. Take reasonable care to prevent damage, making use of protective packaging where possible

Please note that failure to comply with certain requirements may result in a formal warning, temporary suspension from the platform, or permanent account removal.

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