Most cases are settled in 24 hours between users

Most repair/replacement cases are settled directly between the renter and the owner. If both parties can reach consensus, this can be quicker and sometimes cheaper for the renter. The majority of these cases are settled within 24 hours.

Renter liability

Our renter accept full liability for the items they rent on Fat Llama, so if for any reason they're unable to return your item as agreed, they are liable to pay for its full value.

The Resolutions Team

If consensus can't be reached between both users, Fat Llama has a dedicated Resolutions Team whose job it is to mediate between parties and examine all the available evidence in order to resolve the case.

If a rental of yours goes to the Resolutions Team, you'll be assigned a Resolutions Case Manager who will work you and the other party to collate timestamped photo/video evidence, written statements and supporting materials. At the end of this process, your Resolutions Case Manager will submit your case to the Claims Review Committee who will decide who is liable and for how much.

Can I appeal a decision?

The decision reached by the Claims Review Committee will be final.

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