What are the differences between Fat Llama's Owner Guarantee and Ruckify's Insurance?

Although Ruckify offered $50,000 CAD for rentals and Fat Llama's Owner Guarantee covers $40,000 CAD, there are several advantages to Fat Llama's cover:

  • Whereas Ruckify capped your coverage at $50,000 per rental (including multiple items), Fat Llama covers you per item - this means that each individual item in the rental is covered up to $40,000. So we've got you covered.

  • We don't have a deductible!

  • You don't have to buy or opt-into the insurance protection, it simply comes with listing on Fat Llama as an Owner.

  • We cover a few additional items, such as drones, bounce houses, trampolines, and inflatable devices.

To see the full terms of the Owner Guarantee, please visit the website.

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