The following steps should be implemented by an experienced Magento administrator or developer.


Magento Marketplace

For the installation of the module you need to:

  • Get an extension from the Magento Marketplace or ZIP file of the extension, unzip it to the root folder and execute the following commands:

○ php bin/magento setup:upgrade
○ php bin/magento setup:di:compile
○ php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

  • Verify that the extension installed properly.

  • Enable and configure the extension.

Setting the configuration in the admin

Registering the extension

To configure your extension log in to the Magento admin and navigate to the 'Feedback Review' Manager.

Specify your Client ID and Client Secret:

Click the 'Register' button and wait for registration approval.

Feedback Invitation Setup

Once the registration is complete you are able to configure the feedback invitation, which is being send out to your customers.

You can choose from the following triggers that send out the feedback invitations:

● Pending
● Processing
● Suspected Fraud
● Complete
● Closed
● Canceled
● On hold

The invitation delay can be set with minutes, hours, days and weekdays along with the reminder delay. The reminder will be sent with the specified delay after the invitation.

Shop Widget Setup

There are two types of widgets you can choose from to place on your site:

  • Bar Widget

  • Floating Widget

To enable or disable the widgets go to:

Product Widget

The product widget is able to be shown on the product page along with the catalog listing page:

The widget can be displayed in the following formats:

  • Inline

  • Sidebar

  • Popup

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