With Feedback Company you can easily collect more and better reviews. Simply by connecting your store to Feedback Company, customers are invited to rate your products and your service.
Reviews are collected by Feedback Company and shown on your website, on our dedicated reviewpages and in Google search results. Directly increasing trust and sales.


Find the Feedback Company app in the Lightspeed App Store and press "Install" .

Enter your Lightspeed credentials, validate the permissions and press approve.


Start by selecting the language that you want to configure.
You can configure all your languages individually.

Authentication Settings

To connect your Feedback Company account to Lightspeed you need to enter your Authentication credentials. These credentials consist of a Client ID and a Client Secret. Both can be found in your Feedback Company Clientportal.

Go to My Account to find your credentials. If the credentials are not visible please contact and your support agent will activate the credentials for you.

Copy each of the codes and enter them in the configuration page.
The code should be 32 characters long.

Invitation Settings

By configuring the invitation settings you can send out a feedback invitation after each purchase in your store. The invitation itself can be configured in your Feedback Company client portal.

Start by selecting the invitation trigger. When an order is set on this status the invitation will processed.
This can be after the payment or after the order is shipped/completed. We recommend using the setting: When order is completed.

Invitation Delay

Set a delay for the delivery of the invitation. You can either give a delay in hours or days. For physical orders we suggest to use a delay in days.
A delay of 5 to 7 days is commonly regarded as default.

You can also send a reminder.
This reminder can be sent at least 2 days after the initial invitation.
Use the toggle of if you don't want to send a reminder.

Product Review Widget Settings

When you collect Product Reviews* with Feedback Company you can easily display your collected reviews on your product pages.

The Product Review widget consist of 2 parts. The summary widget and the extended widget.
The summary widget displays the stars and the amount of reviews. After activation it will be placed under the Product Title.

The extended widget will display all review data and includes our Questions & Answers* feature.
This widget will expand when a client interacts with the summary widget.

Enable Widgets

If you want the Product Review widgets to be displayed in your webshop just enable Widgets and choose your Extended widget type.
The Extended widget can be shown as a Sidebar that slides in on interaction or as a Popup that appears in a centered overlay.

Simply chose your desired widget type and save your settings.

You should see a notification that your settings are successfully saved.
It can take up to 5 minutes before you can see the widget on your webshop.

If you would like to change the widget or invitation settings, simply go to the installed app and choose reconfigure.

Advanced Summary Widget Settings

Important: This setting is for advanced users only.
If you want the summary widget to target a different section of the product page you can enter a CSS selector in this section.

By default the widget will be placed beneath the page's h1.

Multiple languages

Configuring multiple languages is easy.
Simply select the desired language and follow the same steps as above.
Each language has it's own set of credentials in your Feedback Company account.
If you don't have multiple languages activated contact Feebback Company at

Other ....

Merchant Review Widgets

You can also display your merchant score with one of Feedback Company's Widgets.
These widgets are not included in this app but can be found in your Feedback Company client portal.
There you can select a widget and generate a widget code.

A lot of Lightspeed eCom templates already feature these widgets as a default option. By entering the generated widget ID in the template settings you can easily activate this widget.

If you have any questions regarding this feature please contact the template builder or

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