The following steps should be implemented by an experienced Magento administrator or developer.


Magento Marketplace

For the installation of the module you need to:

Get an extension from the Magento Marketplace or ZIP file of the extension, unzip it to the root folder and execute the following commands:

  • php bin/magento setup:upgrade

  • php bin/magento setup:di:compile

  • php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

Verify that the extension installed properly.

Enable and configure the extension.

Setting the configuration in the admin


With the Feedback Company plugin it is possible to create a automatic link with your account at Feedback Company and to make a connection based on completed orders to automatically invite customers with the request to write a review in response to their order. The plugin can be used when collecting company reviews and product reviews, but can also be used to create a invite to collect only company reviews.


Look out!

Some companies have multiple websites in their Magento environment, but these do not always use Feedback Company's services. Within Magento there is always a "Default Config". This default applies to all websites under this Magento environment. If you have multiple websites, make sure that the settings are made per "Website Store" and not at the default level. It is possible to complete and adjust settings per store view.

Turn off the "Use Default" per "Store View" to connect it separately with an account at Feedback Company. You have to manually adjust this per setting.

General Configuration

By setting "General Configuration" to "Yes", the plugin is activated. As long as the plugin is set to "No" there will be no connection active.

Connect store with Feedback Company

Get the API credentials from the account in the Feedback Company portal, fill this credentials in the fields below. These credentials can be found in the portal at Feedback Company under "My account". If these are not available, please contact the helpdesk

Setup Feedback Invitations

When the status of the order matches what is set in the plugin, a trigger will be created. It is possible to use different statuses and from there to indicate with how much delay - after the order has reached the set status - an invitation must be scheduled with Feedback Company. The invitation will then be sent on the scheduled day.

For example:

  • When an order is set to "Complete", the customer will be shared with Feedback Company and is scheduled to be invited to review 7 days after the order status has reached "Complete". A no-review reminder will not follow in this scenario. This can be set per Store View.

In the portal at Feedback Company there is a history of scheduled invitations and the templates that are sent to customers can be adjust here in HTML.

Shop Widget

From the configuration it is possible to add a merchant widget to the website. The "Bar Widget" is added above the header and the "Floating Widget" floats in every page of your website.

Both widgets are completely right-aligned and open when hovered or clicked (for example, with a visitor on mobile or tablet).

Product review widget

Look out! Only use these settings when product reviews are also collected via Feedback Company.

Feedback Company uses default settings in the template to add product review widgets per product and the overall product pages. By setting the settings below both to "Yes" and selecting a widget of your choice, widgets are added to the mentioned pages.

The design of the widget is always the same, but the look and feel of the widget is adjustable by the user.


Product review widgets

When product reviews are first collected, but it is decided later not to use this module anymore (notify the Feedback Company), it is important to register the widgets again by using the "Register" button. Feedback Company must first adjust its settings to deactivate product review. (functionality available from 2.0.1. version)

By using "Register" the widgets will be re-registered and the widgets will be disabled on the pages of the website. This applies to deactivating and activating the widgets. Don't forget to clear the cache within Magento with this change. If the widgets are not registered again and the product reviews are deactivated at Feedback Company, 404s may be caused on the pages because the plugin automatically tries to call the product reviews. 404's make the website slower, re-registering the widgets will fix this.

Merchant review widgets

With the plugin it is also possible to place company review widgets in specific places of the website. Go to "Content" "Widgets" and click on "Add Widget". Select "Merchant Reviews Widget" and the theme where you want to display it. From there it is necessary to enter a "Widget Title" and select a layout. From here you can decide where the widget should be displayed on the website.

Widget Options

Would you like to show the widget larger, smaller or just a preview of reviews? You can set this all in the "Widget Options".

Do not forget to register the widgets in the plugin via the "Register" button and to clear the cache.

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