To install the Feedback Company plugin for Magento 1, technical knowledge of your Magento theme is required.


The latest version of the Feedback Company Magento 1 plugin can be downloaded using one of the links below.

Version: 1.1.1
Download zip
Download tarball


It is recommended to use a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to upload and place the plugin source code in the right location within the Magento installation. Once you have your FTP client ready for transfer, copy the app/ folder in the plugin and place it upstream within the Magento's root path. To find out if you are in the root, you should look for an already existing app/ folder. The plugin should be installed after placing the contents of the app/ folder from the plugin in the app/ folder in the Magento installation. To confirm this, navigate through the hierarchy of folders and look for Magento1/FeedbackCompany/.

Proceed by booting up your Magento 1 installation and login into your admin panel. It should present the 'Feedback Company' menu item in the navigation bar:


In order for the plugin to work, you are required to enter your Feedback Company client credentials.

Adding the Merchant Review Widget to a page

After having installed our plugin and successfully authenticating with our platform, the merchant review widget can be placed in any section on any page on your e-commerce platform. To add the widget, navigate to CMS/Widgets and click on 'Add New Widget Instance'. Fill in the form fields and ensure that it looks exactly like this:

It is critical that you have selected the rwd / default part. If you have selected anything else, the widget will not work. Once done, click on 'Continue' and you should see something like this:

You can configure anything you'd like on where you'd want your widget to be placed. Ensure however, that the sort order isn't overridden by another widget you might have placed in the past as that widget could theoretically disappear. Once you've configured your widget, click on Save. The final part of this process is to flush your cache. This can be done under System -> Cache Management. Press the large 'Flush Magento Cache' button to flush your cache. You do not have to press the 'Flush Cache Storage' button. Pressing the former button will suffice for this procedure.
You may now refresh the page of where you have placed your widget to see your widget appear. It looks like something like this:

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