To install the Feedback Company plugin for Prestashop, technical knowledge of your Prestashop theme is required. To start, download the latest version of the Feedback Company plugin for Prestashop:

Go to appstore: Prestashop app


After downloading the zip file, open your FTP client and upload the zip file in the "Modules" folder. Login to your Prestashop admin and use the main menu to navigate to "Improve / Modules" look for Feedback Company and hit Install.


Use the main menu to navigate to "Improve / Modules / Modules & Services" and click on the "Configure" button next to the Feedback Company plugin to find the configuration form.

Complete the configuration form of the Feedback Company plugin to start using the functionality. The configuration form is divided into the sections "Authentication", "Invitations", "Product Summary Widget", "Product Extended Widget", "Merchant Widget" and "Customization".



Product Summary Widget

Product Extended Widget

Merchant Widget




Automatically send review invitations via email to your customers following their order in your webshop. Allows you to collect merchant reviews and product reviews.

Product Reviews

Display your collected product reviews on product overview pages and product detail pages. On product overview pages, this is a small widgets with stars and the amount of reviews:

On product detail pages, this is a more extended widget with a full list of product reviews:

Merchant Reviews

Display a summary of your collected merchant review on your webshop. Allows your visitors to view your company page on the Feedback Company platform.

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