A short guide that explains the set-up and managing of the automatic invitations between Shopify and the Feedback Company.

First Connection

Step 1

In the following link, fill in the shop name. This is without https://www.

https://shopify-app.feedbackcompany.com/install?shop=(name of your website)

Example: https://shopify-app.feedbackcompany.com/install?shop=example.com

Step 2

You will be prompted to the next page:

As you can see, you can find the connector code under your account via https://portal.feedbackcompany.com/login
If already logged in, you can follow this link: https://feedbackcompany.com/account/

and then:

Go back to the connection page between Shopify and Feedback Company. Fill in all your preferences and click Submit.

After this, the automatic connection will be completed. It will be up and running in the background. If you wish you can test it by submitting a test order.

You'll find our app under Apps in Shopify.

Editing settings after the first connection:

To manage your settings, go to Apps > About > Edit Preferences. This way, you can redo the settings. After saving, your new settings will be active.

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