To install the Feedback Company plugin for WordPress, technical knowledge of your WordPress theme is required. To start, download the latest version of the Feedback Company plugin for WordPress:


Use the main menu to navigate to "Settings / Feedback Company" to find the configuration form. Complete the configuration form of the Feedback Company plugin and place the widgets in your webshop to start using the functionality. The configuration form is divided into the sections "Authentication Settings", "WooCommerce Settings", "Product reviews widget", "Merchant reviews widget" and "Widgets preview". How to place the widgets in your webshop is explained in the section "Widget placement".

Authentication Settings

WordPress Settings

Product reviews widget

Merchant reviews widget

Widgets preview

This section shows a preview of your widgets. Whenever you change any of the widget settings, the preview changes to immediately show an accurate preview.

Widget placement

There are 2 ways to place the widgets on your webshop, using the shortcode or using the widgets page of WordPress.

To place the widgets using the shortcode, simply type the shortcode in a text editor, such as on pages or posts. The shortcode will be replaced with an actual widget when the page is viewed. The available shortcodes are:

  • [feedback_company_merchant_review_widget]

To place the widgets using the widgets page of WordPress, use the main menu to navigate to "Appearance / Widgets". On this page you should see the available widget areas defined by your WordPress theme and a panel with the available Feedback Company widgets. Drag and drop the Feedback Company widgets in a widget area to display it on your webshop.



Automatically send review invitations via email to your customers following their order in your webshop. Allows you to collect merchant reviews and product reviews.

Merchant Reviews

Display a summary of your collected merchant review on your webshop. Allows your visitors to view your company page on the Feedback Company platform.


A log-file is offered at the bottom of the plugin. You can get here by clicking on "Customer support settings". If there is an issue within the communication between the plugin and your account at Feedback Company, it is possible to view these errors. It's possible that an employee of Feedback Company asks to share this log in order to gain insight into the issue that is raised.

Debug mode

The "Debug mode" must always be 'disabled'. When this is 'enabled', all calls are logged that are shared with Feedback Company along with the response. This log is built up indefinitely and stored in the local memory until it is 'disabled' again. It is therefore important to let it run for a short period of time (for example 24 hours) to find and locate any problems, then disable it again. Preferably in collaboration with Feedback Company and/or web builder

WPML en Polylang

WPML and Polylang are free WordPress plugins. You can easily create a multilingual WordPress website with this. You choose which languages you want to use on your website. For example a Dutch and an English version. For a clear manual, we would like to refer you to the article about WPML and Polylang.

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