Find the plugin easily and fast via this link:

WPML and Polylang are free WordPress plugins. You can easily create a multilingual WordPress website with this. You choose which languages you want to use on your website. For example a Dutch and an English version.

By logging in to WordPress it is possible to search for the plugin WPML or Polylang. First click on "Plugins" in the left menu bar:

Search for ‘Feedback Company’

The most recent version of the plugin will then appear which you can download by the following steps:

You will find settings at the bottom of the left menu bar.

If you click on "Settings" there appear several options including the installed plugin "Feedback Company".

When using WPML or Polylang the settings window will be as following:

The plugin automatically detects which languages are available when one of the mentioned plugins is used. In the image below, you can see that the languages Dutch and English are used. When multiple languages are available, they will also be visible. The language is colored white when selected.

Switching language is easy by clicking on the desired language.

Feedback Company works with "account = language". Because of this, API data needs to be entered per language to tell our system who to invite after how many days. For example: if there are two languages on the website, there should also be two accounts with Feedback Company to send an invitation in the correct language. One set in English and the other in Dutch.

API credentials can be found in the portal under "My account". Not present? Request them via the button in the portal.

By using Woocommerce it is important to set up invitations, which should be sent. It is possible to not use the automatic link. In that case "Send review invitation" needs to be changed to "No".

When Woocommerce is used and product reviews are taken from Feedback Company, it is possible to choose which widget you would like to use on the website to display the product reviews.

Click on the drop down and select the widget you want. By clicking on "Save changes" the results are immediately visible.

NB: by using reviews_tab a as an element, the summary widget on the website becomes clickable when "inline" is used. Without this element, the summary widget is not clickable and the visitor must click on the reviews tab.

By using API data of the correct account, displaying a merchant review widget is even easier. By placing the shortcode in the desired place on the website, you can immediately see what it will look like in the preview. Do you prefer a large version or a small version? Make your choice in the plugin.

Bar widget is a "one site, fits all" concept. Add the shortcode to the website's code and display the widget in an instant.

You can easily add the floating widget by setting it to "yes" or "no".

By adding the widget, the following widget is displayed on the right side of the website. This is shown on every page of your website.


A log-file is offered at the bottom of the plugin. You can get here by clicking on "Customer support settings". If there is an issue within the communication between the plugin and your account at Feedback Company, it is possible to view these errors. It's possible that an employee of Feedback Company asks to share this log in order to gain insight into the issue that is raised.

Debug mode

The "Debug mode" must always be 'disabled'. When this is 'enabled', all calls are logged that are shared with Feedback Company along with the response. This log is built up indefinitely and stored in the local memory until it is 'disabled' again. It is therefore important to let it run for a short period of time (for example 24 hours) to find and locate any problems, then disable it again. Preferably in collaboration with Feedback Company and/or web builder

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