With Feedback Company you can easily manage your online reputation. Simply by using Feedback Company for your business, customers can be invited to review the products and services. Reviews are automatically collected by the Feedback Company tool and displayed on the website, our review pages and in the Google search results. This directly contributes to trust and sales.

What is the plugin for?

This plugin can be used to invite customers to write a review via an automatic link. This can be about the products purchased (product reviews), but also about the company (company reviews).

It is then easy to place widgets on the website to show the reviews. These widgets are generated by the API keys that can be entered into the plugin.


Find the Feedback Company plugin in the Shopware Plugin Manager and press Install

(Before installation check which version of Shopware the plugin is compatible with).



To create a link between Shopware and Feedback Company, it is necessary to get the API data per account from the portal of Feedback Company and place it in the Shopware environment. This data includes the Client ID and Client Secret, both of which can be found in the customer portal under "My Account".


Copy the codes and enter them on the configuration page in Shopware.

The code must be 32 characters long.

After entering the information, click 'Check API access' to test if the connection works.

Setting up automatic invitations

When configuring the automatic link to send invitations automatically it is possible to set this up yourself. It is important to set the delay correctly (X number of days after scheduling to send the invitation) but also to configure the order status correctly. When the status of the orders in the plugin and the status of the order in Shopware match, the invitation will be scheduled in the account of Feedback Company through the API and sent on this scheduled date.

Customizing the template that is sent is done in the account of Feedback Company.

It is possible to set a delay for sending an invitation. It can give a delay in hours or days. For physical products, we recommend setting a delay of days. A delay of 5 to 7 days is the default.

It is also possible to set a reminder for the invitation. A reminder means that when there is no review written after X number of days a separate reminder template is sent to the customer with the request to still write a review. This template can be managed separately at Feedback Company.

The number should always be higher than the first invitation (Delay amount).

For example:

If the Delay amount is set to 3 days and it is desired to send a reminder after 2 days when no review is received yet, then the Reminder delay amount becomes 5. 3 days + 2 days is then 5.

Fill in the field 0 if you don't want to use the reminder.

Widget locations - Business review widgets

Company reviews can also be displayed with one of Feedback Company's Trust widgets. You can choose which widgets are shown and where they are shown on the website with the following settings.

Widget locations - Product review widget

When you collect Product Reviews with Feedback Company you can easily display collected product reviews on the product pages.

With the settings below you can choose what kind of product review widget to show:

If it is not possible to install a widget on the website, empty the entire cache of Shopware or contact Feedback Company via helpdesk@feedbackcompany.com


The necessary cronjobs are automatically created when the plugin is installed. However, it is possible that these cronjobs fail when an error occurs. This error can occur from an order that (for example) has no email address available, but it could also come from the disability to install a widget. We advice to adjust the cronjobs during installation so as not to lose the connection.

Where can I find the cronjobs

Login to Shopware, go to "Basic settings". At the top left you can then search for "cronjob"

Click on Cronjobs

Within this folder you search for the following with keywords: "Feedback Company" or "fbc"

You have to adjust the settings per cronjob via the pencil by adjusting it to the following:

The job must be set to "Active" and the "Disable on error" can be turned off.

*words used in Shopware may vary

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