The all-new Feedbackly has launched! Have a look at the video below, or scroll down to read about some of the biggest changes we've made!

Brand New Design
The entire Feedbackly dashboard had been redesigned to be more beautiful, logical, and with even simpler workflows.

Updated Summary Page
The new summary page now includes a daily NPS graph and the ability to filter by survey.

New Customer Journey Builder
This brand new tool allows you to build dynamic customer journey maps for each key business area. You can define the stages of your customer journey and assign KPIs to each stage. Contact us through the chat to learn more.

New Survey Creation Workflow
Launching a new survey is easier than ever. The workflow has been improved to be faster and simpler. Read here how the updated survey creation works.

New Analytics Views
Analytics is now split into 'Survey Charts' and 'Feedback List' view, with advanced filtering options. You can expand or collapse questions for a more detailed view, and even share your results via a public link. Check out here how the Analytics view works.

Feedbackly Terminal Management
Now you can see a list of all your Feedbackly Terminals, including their battery level, online status, and when they were last seen. Terminals can be grouped by organization units/teams.

Improved Web Integration
Now Feedbackly can be added to your website with one single script tag per site. More advanced survey triggering options have been added. Instructions for the web widget here.

New SMS & Email Campaign Workflows
Upload a list of contacts as an Excel or CSV file. Create and save email templates. New formatting options to improve the look of your email. View delivery, open, click, and reply rates for all previously sent campaigns. Read about the new workflows under our Survey Publishing section in the Knowledge Base.

User Rights & Organizational Structure
You can assign specific rights to each user, and create an organizational hierarchy by assigning users to different units/teams. Advanced user management available as an add-on service.

Important updates to Feedbackly's privacy policy
With the new update, we are increasing the level of security by switching to a third-party authentication service. The result of this is that we are now offering end-to-end encryption of your data. As such, our privacy policy has been updated to reflect this change.

Interested to learn more? Contact us through chat or our contact form and let's discuss!

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