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What is your customer complaint policy?
What is your customer complaint policy?
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At Feedr we strive for 100% error-free deliveries. In the case where things don’t run perfectly, we prioritise our customers first. We will always identify the source of the problem and take appropriate action with the relevant parties. Our first priority is customer happiness and maintaining our customer relationships in the rare cases that things do go wrong.

To find out how to get help on specific issues, please consult our Customer Help Centre.


On occasion, an order may be delayed due to challenges faced by our vendor and/or courier partners. Where this is the case, our Customer Service team will work in real-time to find a resolution to the issue. The response rate will depend on how quickly our third-party vendors can respond to us but rest assured that we will notify customers as soon as we know more.

In some instances, customers may be entitled to a partial refund on their order, which will be communicated to them after the event and included in their end-of-month statement or a credits refund issued.


If a customer discovers that their order (or part of it) is missing, incorrect or damaged, they should get in touch with us via our Live Chat as soon as possible.

A member of our Customer Service team will investigate the claim. They may ask customers to provide clear photographic evidence, which helps us provide feedback to our vendors and improve the service.

We are unable to offer redeliveries of individual items, but the customer service team may offer a full refund upon investigation.


Should a vendor be unable to fulfil part or all of the order at the last minute, we will issue a cancellation email informing customers of the change. Their credits will be refunded to them and depending on their plan, customers may then be able to place alternative orders.


In case of customers encountering an issue with their ordered item/s, including, but not limited to:

  • Incorrect temperature

  • Allergens not specified

  • Contaminated food

  • Foreign object

  • Food poisoning allegation

they should immediately contact a member of the Feedr team by live chat or by sending an email to Incidents are recorded and account manager will be notified of this. The team member will help to take the next steps to resolve the issue and will work with the vendor to conduct an investigation, if necessary.

Feedr operates a marketplace, allowing third-party vendors to sell their products to customers through the online platform and App. By placing an order on the website or via the App, you enter directly into a contract with third-party vendors, who are responsible for the safety and quality of the food.

To join the platform, Feedr vets each vendor and ensures they have a minimum rating of 4 / 5 in ‘Scores on the Doors’ by the UK Food Standards Agency. We can provide H&S and insurance policies from all of the restaurants which we work with. All vendors are actively monitored by Feedr. Should we be alerted to repeated, poor performance or any health and safety issues a vendor’s position on the platform is put on alert. We may pause a vendor account until they can demonstrate that they can perform at the stand we expect or remove them from the platform altogether, if needed.

This document should be used as guidance only is subject to change without notice, and in no cases creates any legal contract or liability on Feedr. Feedr is an agent only for our vendors and the contract for provision of food is made between you as a customer and the individual vendor.

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