At Feedr we strive for 100% error-free deliveries and operate at an average of over 96% consistently accurate, on-time deliveries. In the case where things don’t run perfectly, we prioritise our customers first. We will always sort out the order on the day of the issue, identify the source of the problem and take appropriate action with the relevant parties. Our first priority is customer happiness, and maintaining our customer relationships in the rare cases that things do go wrong.


0-15 mins: Customer service team follow up - no monetary compensation except on a case by case basis.

15-30 mins: 10% of the order value and/or sweet treats with next order

30 mins - 1 hour: 15 - 40% of the order value (varies depending on circumstances)

1 hour+: 50%+ of the order value (varies depending on circumstances)


Option 1 : Replace item immediately

Option 2: If item cannot be replaced, then credits will be refunded to the company (personal credits will be refunded to individual). In some cases where significant items are missing, items will be arranged from an alternative vendor nearby.

In all cases any missing items are removed from the invoice.


If for any reason your chosen vendor is unable to fulfil part or all of your order at the last minute, we will take the following action:

  • Contact you and inform you of the cancellation or change

  • Replace the order with the closest alternative fitting with dietary requirements

  • If the replacement item is unable to be eaten, we will offer you a refund


Should any users encounter an issue with their ordered item/s, including, but not limited to:

  • Incorrect temperature

  • Allergens not specified

  • Contaminated food

They should immediately contact a member of the Feedr team through email, phone number or live chat. The team member will help to take the next steps to resolving the user’s issues.

As a third party provider, Feedr supplies the software which allows users to order meals from restaurants on our online platform. We can provide H&S and insurance policies from all of the restaurants which we work with. As per their contracts, restaurants are directly liable for all and any consequences of food issues.

This document should be used as guidance only is subject to change without notice, and in no cases creates any legal contract or liability on Feedr. Feedr is an agent only for our vendors and the contract for provision of food is made between you as a customer and the individual vendor.

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