If a site has multiple buildings you can track each building to help ensure all buildings have been inspected.

  1. Click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner
  2. Under Device & Trap Settings, click Trap Types
  3. Click New Trap Type
  4. In trap name type, enter a name for the area to be inspected, such as Building 1, or picnic grounds behind building 1, etc.
  5. Click Create Trap Type. Note: Create a barcode for this entry
  6. Open the customer's account
  7. Click View
  8. Click Create a New...
  9. Click Device
  10. Enter the barcode
  11. Enter the Device ID
  12. Click Device Type
  13. Click the device you created in step 4
  14. Finish filling out the form and click Save
  15. Click Devices to verify the device is there
  16. Put the barcode at the site to be scanned when your tech arrives; next to a hinge on a door jam is a good location.**

** For services that take place in the middle of the night, the door jam is a good location as to verify a tech went to the job (the door has to be open to scan).

May 2017

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