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The various types of tools/jobs FIGJAM offers
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The FIGJAM tools appear as 'Tiles' in the FIGJAM App. Once a job has been submitted it is instantly received by both the Client and FIGJAM's System. Improving efficiency to a client's existing business processes.


  • This will allow a device user to check-in to a place and check-out once their work is complete. Both the timestamps and locations for each action are stored, so managers can track workers productivity.


  • This tool type allows a device user to to take a photo, make a note and assign a category to provide real time insight into your products.

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  • This tool allows your team out in the field to raise a purchase order. If a client is integrated with FIGJAM, these orders can be pushed directly into their accounting system, providing seamless, real time ordering.

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Order + Stock

  • An order + stock will allow the device user to place and order whilst performing a stock count at the same time. Providing increased efficiencies.

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Full Stock Survey

  • This tool allows a device user to perform an in-depth stock count;  Facings, Front Stock and Back Stock. The tool will automatically calculate the Total Stock count.

Quick Stock Survey

  • This is a short-hand version of the Full Stock Survey. Built to improve stock take times, with the added ability to highlight 'Out of Stock' items with one click of a button.

Facing Survey

  • Facing Surveys offer the ability to perform audits on shelves based on a client's model shelf survey.

Price Survey

  • A Price Survey provides the Client with the ability to compare competitor product prices against their own. 

Product Survey

  • A Product Survey offers more flexibility in surveying a client's own products or those of their competitor's. Both quantitative and qualitative data can be gathered.

Custom Form

  • These are custom built forms that aim to remove the unnecessary paper-work. Almost any questionnaire or data capturing form can be converted into its own electronic version.

Add store

  • This tool allows you to add new customers to the FIGJAM App

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