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FIGJAM's Stock Survey Tool

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Stock surveys allow field teams to conduct a their stock takes on a mobile device, saving time and money as they do not require any paper work.
Once a Stock survey has been uploaded, an email of this job will be sent. This job email will be directed to specified email addresses, i.e. management or certain departments. These completed Stock surveys can also be accessed through the Management Portal in the navigation pane on the left.
Additionally, every Stock survey job uploaded will have a Timestamp and a GPS tag.

FIGJAM Provides two different types of Stock Surveys, Full Stock Surveys (FSS) and Quick Stock Surveys (QSS).ย 

Full Stock Surveys
Full stock surveys are fully detailed stock takes they allow the user to differentiate between Front Stock (Stocks being displayed in store) and Back Stock (Stocks in storage) and record each individually. They further make provision to record product facings information.

Quick Stock Surveys
Quick Stock Surveys are a tool designed for quicker stock takes but with less detail than an FSS. QSS only make provision for whether or not a product is in stock, and if the product is in stock the quantity can be recorded.

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