Organisations can setup their own default livestock weights, dress out ratios and stock units which can be used in place of Figured’s default weights and can be applied at the tracker level to override Figured’s default weights or users custom weights. 

These values can then be used to any / all of their client's farms to ensure simplicity across their client base.

If your firm has been setup in Figured as an organisation and you administrative access then will be able to setup your organisation livestock weights.

Head into Your organisation > Weights and under each stock class type, select Configure and fill in the details with your desired defaults.

NOTE: If you would like to reset a particular stock class back to Figured’s defaults then simply click on “Edit” again and click on “Restore to default”.

Once you have completed this you will be able to apply these weights to any of your livestock trackers by heading into livestock tracker settings > Configure weights > Set to organisation default.

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