Stop wasting time chasing down clients for information by automating your data collection process with client tasks and auto-reminders.

This feature allows you to securely request information from your clients and will follow up with them until they complete the request.

Client tasks are built into individual projects. So if the project is set to recur the client tasks will recur with the project and automatically be activated every time.

For example, if you have a monthly bookkeeping project that recurs every month. Then the client tasks will recur with the project and be sent to the client every single month.

This means once you set up your client tasks and activate them you will never have to do it again. You can set it, forget it and just watch the client information flow into your projects and use that information to get your work done 😁

Please watch the video above to learn how to use client tasks & auto-reminders for your firm.

*** You can also send documents to your clients by attaching the document to the client task.

*** Client tasks allow your clients to upload the information inside Financial Cents which is then stored inside the project for your team to access. However, if you already have a shared folder that you like to store all your client documents in you can include the link to the shared folder inside the client tasks.


  • Do you have a tutorial video I can share with my client on how the portal works?

    • Yes, you can share this video with your client. It helps them understand how to access and use the portal.

  • Is it secure enough to request sensitive information?

    • Yes, this was built specifically for that. Everything inside the portal is encrypted to ensure your client's information is safe.

  • Can this replace my current client portal?

    • Not necessarily, the client task portal is only meant for data collection. Not storage. Your client will not be able to access the portal through the link 60 days after the project is closed.

  • How can my client access the portal?

    • Given that there is no login information for the client (username and password) the only way for them to access the portal is through the link that is sent to them in the email notification.

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