A project is the work you do for a client (monthly bookkeeping. payroll, tax, etc).

You create projects in Financial Cents to track the status of client work and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

*** You can even set up recurring projects to easily track the work you do on a recurring basis.

Inside a project, you will have tasks. They are the individual steps (checklist) that outline how to properly complete the work. This will help streamline your process and ensure you maintain work quality as your team grows.

You can also collaborate with your team, store documents, track time, and so much more inside a project. (see example below)

You can easily create a project from a workflow template or even create one from scratch.

Once you create your first project, we make it easy to create all your client work by allowing you to copy/duplicate a project to other clients. For example, if you do Monthly Bookkeeping for 30 clients you can easily duplicate a monthly bookkeeping project to all 30 of your monthly bookkeeping clients in a few clicks.

Once you have duplicated the project to all your other clients you can then easily customize each project to fit each client's specific needs.

Watch this short 3-minute video for step-by-step instructions on how to create your first project & duplicate it to other clients.

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